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Fruit Stickers Are Better Art Than Anything Andy Warhol Ever Did

Search the folds of shiny, black garbage bag hanging over the edge. Somewhere in there hangs a fruit sticker, ripped off of an apple or banana and smacked on its ugly new home. To most, these stickers are a nuisance, an inconveniently placed speed bump. But if you take the time to look at them, they’re something else entirely. Art. Design. Typography. Personality. Fruit stickers hold them all, and it wasn’t until we discovered @Fruit_stickers that we became so acutely aware of this under-appreciated art form. @Fruit_stickers is an Instagram account run by British graphic designer Kelly Angood, who collects fruit stickers from around the world, peels them off of their respective fruits, scans them, and posts them on Instagram. She’s posted over 700 so far.

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