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(Photo: Gran Spetz) Evaluation of tear test and adhesion test ISO 6133. Shear modulus is mostly an essential property when calculating rubber products. The most typical way to establish the value is to conduct measurements on a so called quadruple shear test piece. The quadruple shear test piece consists of four rubber pieces measuring 4 mm thick, 20 mm broad and 25 mm long, glued together or cured between two plates as in the figure. After mechanical conditioning, the test piece is elongated to 30% deformation with a speed of 5 mm/minute. The shear modulus is calculated at a deformation of 25%. Many rubber products are used under dynamic conditions and for that reason it is interesting to be able to measure dynamic properties. The properties often measured are modulus and damping as a function of frequency or deformation. Material testing is typically done in small instruments under compression, bending, tension or shearing and is called Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

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